Warm Winter Wags

As the chill of winter starts to take hold, it's time for us to bundle up. But let's not forget our furry friends who also need special care when Jack Frost is nipping at our nose! We've curated a list of essential tips to ensure your furry friends enjoy winter just as much as we do! But be mindful that each breed, and indeed each pup, has its unique tolerance to the cold. Monitor them for any signs of discomfort and limit their exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Paw Protection

Winter landscapes can be harsh on your dog's paws, even when there is no snow on the ground. Consider using a protective paw balm like Mountain Mutt and Pawmagik from Muttluks or, even better, fitting your dog with booties to guard against cracked pads or frostbite. 
• Make it a habit to perform a quick paw-check after each walk to ensure no ice balls or salt crystals are causing discomfort.

Winter Outerwear

A snug-fitting dog coat or warm sweater can make a world of difference, especially for short-haired breeds not naturally equipped for the harsh cold. We carry a variety of weights and sizes from Hurtta, Gooby, and SparkPaws and can help you find the perfect fit.
• As days grow shorter, don't forget to add reflective gear to your pooch's winter attire to keep them visible during twilight walks.

Diet and Exercise

• Winter weather might limit outdoor play, so get creative with indoor games to keep your dog active and entertained.
• Monitor their food intake and adjust it according to their activity level, keeping them in optimum shape.

Health Check

Be vigilant about common winter health issues like hypothermia, frostbite, and dry skin, even when there is no snow on the ground. Early detection can prevent unnecessary discomfort and potential vet visits.

Creating a Cozy Haven

• Make sure your dog has a warm, comfortable sleeping spot indoors.
• Stock up on plenty of dog-friendly indoor activities to keep them entertained when it's too cold for outdoor fun.

By taking these winter precautions, you'll ensure your dog stays happy and healthy, wagging its tail throughout the cold season. Before your next trek outdoors, make sure you visit Fetch so you're both prepared!