Training Pets and People. Having issues with your pup jumping on guests, barking non-stop, or pulling like a draft horse on a leash? Perhaps your dog has reactionary or aggression issues. Or maybe it’s the human in your house who really needs instruction. Our premier dog training is effective and fun, and we offer flexible, customized programs.

Training Classes

Our certified trainers have extensive knowledge and experience, and offer an individualized approach that is tailored to your dog’s issues and/or needs. Classes are split into levels to help you and your dog learn at a progressive pace. Most classes meet once a week for six weeks, unless otherwise indicated. Please view our monthly events calendar for more information.

Customized Training Options

Full Day Train: $149.00
Includes full-day boarding with customized multi-session training based on your needs. Call 406-315-3579 to schedule.
Drop-Off 1-Hour Train: $75.00
Private 1-Hour Lesson: $99.00
In-Home Session: $249.00

Puppy Classes

Teach your pup good behavior right from the start by tackling fundamental issues like jumping on guests, barking, pulling on a leash, and not listening.

Beginner (8 weeks - 4 months): $149.00
Advanced (4 - 6 months): $149.00
Package: $345.95 (15% savings)
Includes Puppy Beginner Class, Puppy Advanced Class, AKC Start Puppy Test, and one Private Lesson.

Adult Classes

It’s never too late to learn new training tips and techniques, even if your dog is fully grown. We’ll help you learn skills to train your dog to sit, stay, come and more.

Beginner: $149.00
Advanced: $149.00
Package: $337.45 (15% savings)
Includes Adult Beginner Class, Adult Advanced Class, and one Private Lesson.

E-Collar Classes

When used correctly, E-Collars can increase off-leash reliability and long-distance communication, giving your dog pure satisfaction and giving you peace of mind.

Beginner (Includes E-Collar): $350.00
4-Week Advanced: $160.00
Package: $416.50 (15% savings)
Includes E-Collar, E-Collar Beginner Class, and E-Collar Advanced Class.

Reactive Dog Classes

Whether it’s out of fear, protection or frustration, some dogs are more reactive than others. This class will give you the tools and education to manage difficult situations.

4-Week Training: $169.00

AKC Classes

The American Kennel Club developed this standardized training method to help create trust between dogs and humans. This is a great foundation for service animals or those dogs who engage with the public.

Canine Good Citizen: $149.00
Community Canine: $149.00
Urban Canine: $149.00
Package: $405.45 (15% savings)
Includes classes and tests for Canine Good Citizen, Community Canine, and Urban Canine.

Agility Classes

In addition to challenging your dog’s mind, agility training also helps with dexterity, muscle strength, coordination, and endurance and is a great outlet for many dogs.

Beginner: $149.00
Intermediate: $149.00
Advanced: $149.00

Training + Boarding

When the humans are away, the dogs will play…and get trained! A boarding stay is the perfect way to engage and train your pup. Choose from a full-day training for $149 or one hour added to your overnight stay for $30. For more information see Boarding Services.

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Training + Daycare

Add on a training session to your dog’s daycare experience to tackle any behavioral issues they may be having. Select an hour of training for $30 or a full-day for $149. This convenient option allows us to target your individual needs. For more information see Daycare Services.

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