Healthy Hydration

Keeping your pets well-hydrated isn't always easy — especially in the summer heat when their hydration needs change. Increase their liquid intake and supercharge their meals with these smart and tasty meal topper ideas.

Bone Broth Hydrate raw food or top kibble at mealtime with the collagen, amino acids, and slow-simmered, gut-friendly goodness of Bone Broth. Add Stella & Chewy's or Nulo bone broth to your dog's bowl or frozen treats! Milk for Dogs That milk mustache looks good on Fido — and provides all the fresh goodness your dog deserves! Lactose-free K9 Naturals Dog Milk is enriched with omega 3, taurine, flaxseed oil, and calcium. Tea Toppers Drizzle an infusion of health and extra hydration by adding brewed teas to your pup's plate! Decaf green tea has especially powerful anti-inflammatory properties, alongside decaf black, mushroom, and herbal teas containing antioxidant-rich ingredients like chamomile, reishi, and Chaga for pup-approved flavor and maximum health benefits.