Protect Your Pets From Heatstroke

Our furbabies love summertime fun as much as we do, but they can't tell us if they're suffering in hot temps. Be aware of how your dog handles the heat and stay proactive with prevention. If your pet exhibits signs of heatstroke, move them into the shade or AC, let them drink small amounts of room temperature water, and get them to a vet.

Warning signs of overheating Frantic, relentless panting Drooling or salivating Agitation or restlessness Dark red, bright red, or pale gums Bright red tongue Rapid heart rate Distressed breathing Vomiting or diarrhea Signs of confusion Dizziness, staggering, wobbliness Lethargy, weakness, tiredness Muscle tremors Seizures Collapsing & lying down Light or no urination How to avoid heatstroke Provide a cool shaded areawith great ventilation inside and outside Make sure they have plenty of fresh water at all times and pack a reliable backup if you're going outside On very hot days, bring your pets indoors to a cooler environment Avoid exercising your pets in hot, humid conditions —on hot days, stick to morning or evening Do not leave pets in a car or vehicle unattended — a car parked in the sun can heat up by over 30 degrees per minute! Smaller animals, overweight pets, and breeds with short muzzles, like boxers, pugs, and Frenchies, are highly susceptible to heatstroke