Training Pets (and People)

Having issues with your pup jumping on guests, barking non-stop, or pulling like a draft horse on a leash? Perhaps your dog has reactionary or aggression issues that need to get resolved. Or maybe it’s the human in your house who needs the real training.

Our premier dog training is both effective and fun, and offers a flexible and customized program for every dog, every parent, and every lifestyle.

Our certified trainers have extensive knowledge and experience and offer an individualized approach that is tailored to your dog’s issues and/or needs. 

Classes are split into levels to help you and your dog learn at a progressive pace. All our regular classes meet once a week for six weeks. 

Puppy Classes

  • Beginner (age 8 weeks - 4 months): $149
  • Advanced (age 4 months - 6 months): $149
  • Package: $345.95 (15% savings)
    Includes Puppy Beginner Class, Puppy Advanced Class, AKC Start Puppy Test, and one Private Lesson

Adult Classes

  • Beginner: $149
  • Advanced: $149
  • Package: $337.45 (15% Savings)
    Includes Adult Beginner Class, Adult Advanced Class, and one Private Lesson

E-Collar Classes

  • Beginner (Includes E-Collar): $330 
  • Advanced: $160
  • Package: $416.50 (15% savings)
    Includes E-Collar, E-Collar Beginner Class, and E-Collar Advanced Class

Reactive Dog Classes: $169

AKC Classes

  • Canine Good Citizen: $149
  • Community Canine: $149
  • Urban Canine: $149
  • Package:  $405.45 (15% savings)
    Includes Canine Good Citizen Class and Test, Community Canine Class and Test, and Urban Canine Class and Test

Agility Classes

  • Beginner: $149
  • Intermediate: $149
  • Advanced: $149

Additional Training Options

Full Day Train: $149

  • Includes customized multi-session training based on your needs and day boarding.
  • Call 406-315-3579 to schedule.

Drop-Off 1-Hour Train: $75

Private 1-Hour Lesson: $99

In-Home Session: $249


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